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Le Professionnel School of Hotel Management (LPSHM)

Le Professionnel School of Hotel Management (LPSHM) is a vocational Hotel management and culinary School. It is open with the motive of providing high quality education, training at the school, internships at the hotels/resorts and job placement support to the students after they finish their internships.

Apart from jobs in Hotels and restaurants, skilled diploma in hotel management or diploma in culinary arts graduates can find jobs in below listed section of the growing hospitality industry

Airline Catering

Club Management


Hospital Administration and Catering

Forest Lodges

Guest Houses, Resorts

Kitchen Management

Self-employment (As an Entrepreneur)

Get admitted in LPSHM

Admission Criteria

  • High school (+2) graduate
  • SEE graduates
  • Any professionals with minimum education background of 10th standard with D+ grade
  • Hardworking, dedicated & learning nature


"It has been a great experience to be a part of LPSHM Family. It's difficult to sum up the memories and experience of 6 months in few lines. There is something motivational and special in this environment and practical labs which made us study and enjoy co-curricular activities."

- Bhupesh Panta

"No doubt I made the best choice of my career; LPSHM is one among those unique institutions which helps students in not only building their career but also enhances distinctive competencies and skillsets that help students grow their professional life in an exponential pace."

- Nabraj Acharya

"For me, life at LPSHM has been breathtaking and enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fueling confidence in me. Its prime focus on practical learning and building competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely. My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in the LPSHM family for their support and altruism."

- Pappu Thakur

"When I first started at LPSHM, I was unsure about my future and anxious about the different challenges I was heading forward to face. But LPSHM gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. It gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow gradually. "

- Saurav Tamang


Le Professionnel School of Hotel Management


International Executive School


Hotel and Catering Training Center


Diploma in Hotel Management


Diploma in Culinary Arts

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LE Professionnel School of Hotel Management (LPSHM)
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